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Clayton Oaks Living: Assisted Living

Clayton Oaks Living is a place that does not only share the concern for the wellness of our beloved elder citizens but also their family members as well. Here at Clayton Oaks Living, we make sure that we provide care and support to our beloved elders in such professional manner that there family members can enjoy their very own peace of mind. Located currently in Richmond and the Sugar Land Area, Clayton Oaks Living is the place to be if you or someone you love is looking for a peaceful environment with a community filled with people that care for each other and love each other just the same.

Assisted Living Facilities At Clayton Oaks Living

Clayton Oaks Living is a place that offers numerous assisted living facilities to our residents. We try our best to make sure that our beloved elders feel like they are living in a home away from their real home with people that are like a second family to them. Assisted living facilities that we have to offer at Clayton Oaks Living are a wide variety including personalized care plans, individualized care plans, transportation, housekeeping, nutrition, activities and socialization. Here at Clayton Oaks Living, we are a group of highly professional and trained individuals who are available 24/7 around the clock for our beloved elders. Residents living in our apartments can also enjoy the use of their very own personal call systems that are placed within the apartments, and are also available at the numerous social areas. One of the other finest of the assisted living facilities that we have to offer include medication management for all our residents. We are well concerned about the health of our residents. That is why we have also included a diabetes management program along with the wellness program that is supervised by our highly trained and skilled licensed nurses. Besides these, our residents can enjoy the assistance for other normal day activities such as bathing, grooming and dressing care as well. And oh, if one of our residents happen to be not feeling good, we have an onsite doctor’s office that is always open for our residents to move in and get a quick check up on their condition. Individualized care plans are one of the most important feature in our assisted living facilities. We give our residents the complete freedom to be as independent as they wish to be. But when the time comes, we’re always ready to have an individualized care plan designed in accordance to the needs of any of our residents so that they can get the support and assistance that they require. Transportation facilities are also available for our residents, which they can use for multi-purpose including a scheduled trip to the doctor, a visit to the grocery store or any other event they wish to go and attend. Besides these, other assisted living facilities at Clayton Oaks Living, that our residents can enjoy also include daily housekeeping along with 3 delicious meals prepared by our very own chef.

All these services and much more are waiting to be discovered by you upon your arrival. And we’re a bunch of people that are always looking for new people to expand this family we have built up. So visit us now at Clayton Oaks Living to enjoy the wide variety of assisted living facilities that we have in store for you.

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