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Compassionate Dementia Care at Clayton Oaks Houston

Dementia Care Houston At Clayton Oaks Living

Dementia describes a multiple number of brain disease symptoms, the most common of which include loss of memory, judgment, thinking along with many others. This may ultimately lead to the one suffering from dementia being a victim of the Alzheimer’s disease. As sad of a truth as it may be, the possibility of people being victim to this disease is a reality. Clayton Oaks Living always strives to bring the finest in quality lifestyle to our residents, and those suffering from dementia are no different than the others. Our doors are always open to every senior citizen, whether they be looking for just a room to crash in, support or care, or even if they are suffering from dementia. Dementia Care Houston was designed for the sole purpose of serving the senior citizens suffering from Dementia.

Dementia Care Houston - Unparalleled & Highly Professional

Here at Clayton Oaks Living, we have a group of highly skilled staff members along with highly trained nurses, onsite doctors and physicians that are available for our residents 24/7 around the clock to bring them the best in care and health that they possibly can receive. As far as our residents, which suffer from dementia, are concerned, we have a special care program designed specifically for them. Care and support is provided in a very professional manner and is respective of the lifestyle of the resident. Our staff tries it’s best to make the resident feel at home, even synchronize with their lifestyles so that they may feel comfort knowing that they are not living with a bunch of strangers that know nothing. Besides being instructed to serve the residents, suffering from dementia, with a higher staff-to-resident ratio, the dementia care team is also given training on a continual basis so that they may provide their services with a better quality each day. They are really passionate about serving such residents and, thus, try their level best to create an atmosphere that is pleasing and an environment that is bound to bring mental and physical relaxation to the mind and the heart of our residents, suffering from dementia. Dementia Care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living provides the team with instructions on how to deal with the dementia suffering residents using the best practices, making use of verbal and non-verbal memory cues, along with many other progressive techniques. To sum it all up, if you or someone you know is suffering from dementia, the only place to go to is Dementia Care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living. The service that we provide is unparalleled.

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With all that being said, there is only a single thing left for us to do. We invite you to come and visit Dementia Care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living. A visit won’t hurt and we’re sure you’re not going to regret the decision.

Posted by Clayton on 2/24/2017
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