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Foods For the Brain That Support Memory Function

We may not realize this at a young age, but feeding our brains the right nutrients can support long-term cognitive function. Rather than just focus on foods that are good for the body overall, it's time to target the most important organ in your body - your brain. Cognitive decline is a common symptom of the aging process. Memory loss is another common side effect of getting older. So if you would like keep the side effects to a minimum, there are some common and delicious foods nature gives us to slow the effects aging has on our brains. Simple changes to your diet can make a great impact on the nutrition your body receives.

Here Are Some Foods To Help With Memory Loss and Cognitive Debilitation.


Avocados are wonderful at lowering blood pressure, which is imperative for strong cognitive function. The white matter in your brain depends on a substance known as myelin. Myelin is like a coating to protect the brain's white matter. A myelin deficiency will cause a slow down in the speed that information travels through your brain. Avocados have a significant amount of a fatty acid known as oleic acid that helps in the production of myelin.

Blackberries… Very Powerful

As we age, our brain cells experience increased inflammation. Blackberries give your body powerful antioxidants, which prevent and stop inflammation and promote healthy communication between the neurons in your brain. If you feel like your brain cells are experiencing difficulty communicating with each other, the antioxidants known as polyphenols will improve neuron communication. Here's to helping your brain learn new things faster.

Both of these brain foods listed above are easy options to add to your diet. You don't have to consume large amounts of it all at once, but rather add these foods on a consistent basis in smaller quantities. If you make them a regular part of your nutrition arsenal, you will help your brain improve over the long haul.

As a memory care program in Richmond Texas, just outside of Sugar Land, we see the damaging effects Alzheimer's and dementia place on peoples cognitive abilities and their ability to function as they once did. We want to see people live happy and healthy and be of clear mind all the days of their lives.

Posted by Clayton on 6/5/2017
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