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How to Convince Your Elderly Parents to Move into Assisted Living?

No one wants to put a loved one in a senior care center such as an assisted living facility. However, sometimes that is the best (and may be the only) alternative. When an elderly is no longer able to live a completely independent life and home becomes an unsafe place for them to live, it is better to move them to an assisted living facility that suits their needs.

But, even if you realize that assisted living is the best option for your elderly parents, you may find it hard to move them from home. In general, all elderly people prefer to live in their own homes. Most of them are unwilling to move to assisted living communities and other senior care centers. There may be several reasons for this. Many people think that assisted living communities are filled with aged and sick people. Many of them believe they can't enjoy a free life in such facilities. Here are a few strategies you can use to convince your ill-parents who are reluctant to move to an assisted living facility:

Begin early and be patient

Most people fail to communicate with their parents about moving to an assisted living community until a health crisis occurs. But ideally, families need relaxed conversations regarding such future plans long before a crisis. Look for chances to ask your elderly parents’ opinion about hiring a caregiver and moving to an assisted living community as they are getting older. Give them enough time to answer.

Find out the reason for refusal

Ask questions and discover why the elderly refuses to make a move to an assisted living community so that you can find a solution to the problem. Worries about lack of privacy, loss of independence, cost of care etc. are the common reasons why seniors are unwilling to move into assisted living. They may be ready for the move once these misconceptions are dispelled.

Offer a few options

Give your elderly parent a list of some good assisted living facilities that suit their needs and interests. Schedule visits to these communities so that your loved one will get a sense of the large variety of choices. Seniors will be happy when you give importance to their preferences.

Use outsiders

Sometimes it would be easier for an elderly to discuss with a professional or an outsider than a family member. You may request a doctor, nurse, priest, or a social worker to advise your elderly parent.

Use short-term stays offered by assisted living communities

Most assisted living facilities offer short-term stays (known as respite care). You can use respite care as a bridge to assisted living. It provides you a great chance to introduce your elderly parent to an assisted living community without forcing or threatening them. Such short-term stays can clear away all their worries and misconceptions about assisted living. The positive experience they had during such short-term stays will encourage your elderly parents to move to an assisted living facility when they become unable to live a fully independent life.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 9/13/2017
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