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How to Select an Assisted Living Community for Your Loved One?

No one actually wants to leave a place where they have lived in for decades. However, at times it becomes unavoidable. Now-a-days most people are unable to care for their elderly loved ones due to their busy schedules. So finding a senior care facility becomes a must when older adults are no longer able to perform their activities of daily living (ADL) fully independently.

When you make the hard decision of moving your loved one to a senior care center such as an assisted living facility, you may have several questions in mind. Perhaps the most important of them is how to choose the right one. As there are plenty of senior care facilities across the nation, you must choose the most suitable one where your elderly parent can stay safe and comfortable and where they will receive high quality care. If you are unaware of the elements you have to look for, it could end up choosing an unsuitable facility. We will explain the important factors to consider when selecting an assisted living center for an older adult.

Quality is more important than distance

People often tend to think that it would be easier for them to meet their elderly parents if they were put in a nearby senior care facility. However, there are several other more important factors you should consider when you choose an assisted living center for your parent. Among them, the quality of care the residents receive at the facility is the most important thing. If your parent get better care at a faraway facility, that would be the best choice.

Staff is more important than the facility

Don’t select an assisted living facility merely by its attractive look. Make sure that the facility has sufficient and empathetic staff members who understand the problems of elderly people and care for them in a professional manner.

Recognize marketing traps

The marketers hired by the senior care facilities may tell you many things. However, before sending a loved one to an assisted living facility, you must ensure that all the commitments will be fulfilled. Marketers may tell you that they can offer you discounted rates until a certain date. Don’t be a victim of such high-pressure sales tactics.

Don’t be too fast

While some people are so confused that they are not even able to take a decision on moving a loved one to a senior care facility, many others are so fast that they won’t be able to find the right one for their loved one. Choosing the very first facility you visit is never advisable. You must a few facilities so that you can realize how one is different from the other and decide which one would be the best for your elderly parent.

Consider the Older adult’s preferences rather than your own tastes

Though you might have many preferences when selecting a senior care facility for your elderly family members, give more importance to their tastes.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 8/10/2017
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