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As saddening and heart breaking as it may be, it is a known fact that many elder and senior citizens may become victims of Alzheimer’s disease. And although there isn’t much we can do to cure this, we try our best to make our guests spend their days with us in a happy and peaceful environment. Memory Care Houston, Clayton Oaks Living is our very own program that is designed specifically for senior and elder citizens that are victims of dementia. This program is dementia ISL’s signature memory care program which is called Generations. We aim to serve our guests that are victims of dementia with the care and attention that they truly deserve.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that is, basically, a mental disorder and results in loss of memory, loss of judgement and one’s very own perspective and many other skills that are directly linked to a person’s brain and their ability to think. Whether you or someone you know are suffering from this disease, you have to look no further as you have come across the right place with the right staff. We have highly skilled and experience staff members, which are chosen not only based upon the quality of work they perform but also the quality of the behavior they maintain with our beloved elder and senior guests. The staff of Memory Care Houston, Clayton Oaks Living are not only skilled but are also compassionate when it comes to serving our guests. Memory Care Houston, Clayton Oaks Living is designed keeping in mind all the necessary details that are required to deliver the best experience for our guests. All the plans made are built respective of the person’s daily life routine, their comfort zone and making sure that there personal space is never at harm. Even though our staff is composed of experts, they are still practicing techniques to better tackle such guests in a way that does not offend them. The staff makes use of progressive techniques, verbal and nonverbal communication and memory cues to communicate with the diseased victims, here at Memory Care Houston, Clayton Oaks Living. Although the situation for our guests is truly a harsh one, and there is not much we can do about it, we have an objective, a message and a vision in our minds. We want all elderly and senior citizens to come stay with us and enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable lifestyle, pursue new opportunities and activities, enjoy the small and simple things that life has to offer and form a bond with our staff and other residents that is nothing less than that of a family.

Memory Care Houston, Clayton Oaks Living is always looking for new members to add up to our family so that we may be given the opportunity to fulfil our dream and our goal of serving and assisting the senior citizens. So book your stay with us now and become a part of something that is going to create a better tomorrow, both for you and for us.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 10/27/2016
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