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Signs That It's Time for Your Senior Parent to Stop Driving - Part I

The ability and freedom to drive means independence and a great sense of mobility. Anytime your car gets put in the shop, or even if someone else borrows it temporarily, you know the feeling of being stuck where you are and being reliant on someone else to take you where you want or need to go. When mom or dad are showing signs that they're driving privileges may need to be taken away, it can be scary and frustrating for them as well as for you. This transition could mean that you may take on the role of more of a caregiver than a son or daughter. Chances are, your parents don't want to fill the risk of losing this privilege, so they may be in the state of denial when confronted with their driving impairments. Additionally, they may also realize that not being able to drive may put you out and so they will probably show initial signs of resistance. Your parents probably won't want to hear the bad news from you, as they may feel like that you are treating them like a kid or grounding them like a teenager.

It's Important To Know The Signs That It May Be Time To Take The Keys Away From Mom or Dad.

They're Driving Habits Have Changed.

You might've noticed your beloved senior is on edge while driving. Their depth perception might not be as great as it used to be and they are increasingly slower to react in driving situations including stopping way in advance at stop signs, slowing down for stopping vehicles in front of them, rolling through stop signs, not observing driving laws and street signs, and going to slow or too fast. It could be simple things like mom or dad like to take road trips, but don't seem to drive very far anymore. They may also not like to drive at night or in altered weather conditions, where those things may not have used to bother or affect them like they do now. Your parents might also have gotten into an odd accident or experienced several close calls recently. These are all signs that your loved one isn't comfortable or shouldn't be getting behind the wheel.

Mom or Dad Have Become Increasingly Vision or Hearing Impaired

Hearing and sight are two of the most critical senses necessary for good driving. Old age can severely inhibit a senior’s ability to operate a vehicle as they should. For example, they may not see pedestrians and other moving objects in their peripheral view. Once they do notice something in their way, it may be too late, especially given their cognitive ability to process and react in the moment to avoid an accident. Good hearing is also important so that your loved one can detect things like honking horns, blaring sirens, an oncoming train, and other elements of their surroundings.

The great thing about assisted-living communities in places like Sugar Land, is that senior living communities like Clayton Oaks Living provide transportation to and from places their residents need and want to go.

Posted by Clayton on 3/24/2017
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