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Signs That It's Time for Your Senior Parent to Stop Driving - Part II

Having a conversation with mom or dad about taking the keys away is never easy. Sometimes it may seem like they really are just experiencing temporary issues with isolated circumstances related to the driving. And so you aren't quite sure whether or not preventing them from driving is necessary. Other times, larger and more obvious things happen that force you to make a tough decision. No aging parent wants to feel like they are being treated like a kid by their adult children, but for the safety of themselves and everyone else on the road, paying attention to important signs of a necessary change is imperative. Certainly, no one wants to be on the other side of a bad accident that could've been prevented had someone sat down with mom and dad and began a conversation about changes in their driving privileges.

Signs It's Time To Take The Keys Away From Mom And Dad

Pay Attention To Mom And Dad's Driving Reaction Time

Being able to multitask while driving is an important and necessary ability. With a vision or hearing impairment, the ability for your loved one to respond quickly is highly unlikely. Examples include slowly noticing and reacting to sudden changes in traffic like a stopping car or approaching vehicle, or railroad crossing alerts. Mom and dad may also have trouble swerving all the way to avoid an accident. Your loved one may also notice traffic signal changes only at the last minute which require them to slam on the brakes or step on the gas.

Medical Conditions And Taking Medication.

Certain medical conditions that develop should merit automatic driving restrictions or prevention. Diseases like epilepsy and diabetes have been known to affect one's ability to drive. It's important to know what conditions your loved one may be suffering from so you can know how to best help them prepare, be informed and be empowered in the decision on whether not to transition your senior loved on out of driving.

If you're aging parent is on any kind of medication, you should find out any side effects that may impair their ability to drive. Mom or dad maybe find behind the wheel whenever they are on medication, but certain medications can impair cognition and cause other side effects that make it unsafe for them and others on the road.

The benefit to living in an assisted living community in Sugar Landlike Clayton Oaks Living, is that senior living communities will typically provide the necessary transportation for your aging senior and they also help avoid a difficult conversations of whether not to take the keys away. BIn a retirement community they may not even need their own transportation.

Posted by Clayton on 4/7/2017
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