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Signs Your Aging Parent May Need Assisted Living - Part 1

Technological advances in medicine have changed over time, but the stubborn nature of many seniors hasn't. Unfortunately, due to the personal nature of one's health issues, many seniors struggle to admit to themselves and others that they need help. Signs that your aging parent may need help aren't always obvious and can be ever so subtle, or seem that way, especially if you see them on a regular basis. Those who live a further distance away and see mom and dad less frequently may notice the subtle signs more quickly. The reality is that aging can take a toll on a persons health in a very gradual manner. Even if a beloved senior claims nothing is wrong and won't open up enough to share their struggles with you, there are key signs that point to mom or dad needing assisted care.

Here Are Signs Your Parent May Need Assisted Living

Their Diet And Eating Habits Have Changed.

As humans age, eating doesn't carry the same meaning or invoke the same passions as it once did. If a senior doesn't taste or smell as well as they once did, chances are they will begin skipping meals and let food spoil more regularly. If you open up the fridge at their house and notice that many of the food items are expired, this is a telltale sign that things have changed dramatically. Pay close attention to see if they try to eat or serve you expired food. The reality is they probably don't even notice. If their sense of smell has decreased, they will probably be less likely to react appropriately to potential dangers like the smell of gas or smoke. Take an inventory of the pantry and the refrigerator and see how fresh the food is compared to the number of processed items and expired food that is present.

Their Behavior Is Frequently Bizarre.

Do mom and dad have frequent mood swings not typical to their personality? Depression is a growing problem among seniors and the side effects of medication and other health issues can promote debility and frequent mood swings. Mom or dad may also seem more anxious than normal or particularly withdrawn in the company of others. This could also lead to a neglect of personal health and cleanliness, as well as keeping up with daily chores.

H3 - Assisted Living Offers Hope as a Next Step

Aging, no doubt, takes a difficult toll and places a burden on seniors overtime. Rather than sitting by and helplessly facing their problems, seniors are trading their life at home for a vibrant social life at an assisted living community in Sugar Land, like Clayton Oaks Living. A senior living community such as this is for seniors to remain as independent as possible, while offering necessary help with activities for daily living (ADLs). Seniors can preserve their dignity, develop new friendships and explore new adventures in a life-giving atmosphere.

Posted by Clayton on 4/21/2017
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