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Signs Your Aging Parent May Need Assisted Living - Part 2

If your aging parent is struggling, chances are they may not feel comfortable telling anyone. Admitting that they need help could be a big struggle. Due to effects of aging, your parent may not even realize that help is needed. It's important, as a concerned family member and as a caregiver, to learn to detect and recognize signs that your loved one needs assisted care or assisted living. Recognizing warning signs early on can allow issues to be addressed before they turn into more serious problems.

Here Are Signs That a Senior May Need Assisted-Living.

Contrary to the fear many seniors have, receiving assistance with activities for daily living doesn't degrade one's dignity, though issues maybe of a very personal nature. Conversely, receiving assisted-living services can promote quality of life, because the senior who is struggling will receive the proper assisted care they need.

Mom or Dad Have a Poor Kept or Unusual Appearance.

Issues related to aging, like arthritis and decreased mobility, can make it difficult for seniors to do common things like get dressed or bathe in the shower. This also may alter the types of clothing that you see them wear. Often times if a senior has trouble dressing they will wear sweatshirts and sweatpants many days in a row. Pay close attention to the types of shoes that mom or dad wear. If they are wearing more slip on's, where they used to wear tied shoes, this could be a sign that dressing in better attire is difficult.

You're Beloved Senior is Demonstrating Poor Hygiene.

One of the most common signs someone needs assisted care is in the area of bathing and showering. Because showering and bathing can become increasingly difficult seniors, without assistance or some sort of bathroom modification, will tend to clean one self less frequently. Fear and losing balance and slipping and falling is also another leading reason why many seniors let their hygiene go. Couple this with a decreased sense of smell, you're aging parent probably won't even realize they aren't keeping themselves up or expel smells everyone around them may notice.

Mom and Dad's House Is Always Messy.

If your parents used to keep a clean house, as many seniors in the baby boomer generation once did, but now they aren't keeping up with it anymore, this is typically a sign that daily chores have become quite difficult. All these and more are easy indicators that conversation needs to be had about offering your loved one assistance. Senior living communities like Clayton Oaks Living in Sugar Land are great resources for providing activities and assisted services that promote vibrant and healthy senior living for your aging loved one.

Posted by Clayton on 5/12/2017
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