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Unparalleled Houston Memory Care from Clayton Oaks

Exceptional Memory Care Houston At Clayton Oaks Living

Here at Clayton Oaks Living, we're not only concerned about the well-being of our residents, but we also take into consideration bringing ease to the families of our residents as much as we can. With that being said, Alzheimer's disease is one that is bound to raise the tension in any family and only add to their troubles. For the very purpose of releasing the families of our residents from the tension of their beloved one, suffering from dementia, Memory Care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living has designed it's very own memory care program that is guaranteed to bring mental and physical relaxation to our residents suffering from dementia. By booking a stay with us, rest assured that your loved ones are in the hands of professionals and continue your day to day tasks without having a worry in your mind.

Generations Memory Care Program At Clayton Oaks Living

For the very purpose of bringing care and support to our residents suffering from dementia in a fashion that is unparalleled, Memory Care Houston has designed it's very own memory ISL's signature person-centered memory care program called Generations. With this program, rest assured that our guests are being given the best care and support to help them strive with dementia. Our memory care team is highly skilled and knows how to deal with each resident individually respective of their lifestyle and their daily routine. By doing so, our team tries to make sure that they are in synch with our residents in order to bring mental ease and physical relaxation to them. Not only this, but the team is continually trained on the bests practices they need to follow when it comes to dealing with residents suffering from dementia. Progressive techniques, memory cues, verbal and non-verbal cues are just some of the methodologies our team follows in order to reorient the residents. And our memory care team isn't the only one that is going to be looking after our residents. Our highly skilled staff and nurses are available 24/7 at the service of our residents and they have been properly instructed to have a higher staff-to-resident ratio for our residents suffering from dementia so that they can get as much care and attention as they deserve to bring them yet even a better experience. Memory Care Houston is driven by a single motive, which is to connect and share the precious moments in life. Not only does this create a relaxed atmosphere for our residents but is an exciting experience for our memory care team and the staff as well. At Memory Care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living, we connect and share!

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Posted by Clayton on 1/20/2017
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