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What are the Major Concerns about Assisted Living Communities?

Change from the location where they have lived in for several decades can be challenging to anyone. In general, it takes a few days or weeks to settle in. Though the experience of transition is not the same for everyone, the keys to a successful life in an assisted living facility are patience, understanding, preparation and a positive attitude, in addition to a good support network. However, when one has to move to an assisted living facility, he might have several questions and concerns such as "Is the move really essential?"; "Will I lose my privacy", and "Will I be cared for properly".

Here are the major concerns people often have when it's time to move to a senior care facility:

Will it be a boring life?

When leaving their own home, many people think that it will be a boring life at the senior care center as they don't have any friends or relatives there. Most people worry about living a lonely life. But good assisted living centers understand the need to laugh, have fun, learn, explore, and live life to the fullest. Most assisted living facilities offer events such as dancing, karaoke, field trips, outdoor excursions, and many other entertainments so that the residents can enjoy a happy life with full of fun and activities.

Will I be properly cared for?

As they have to live away from family members and loved ones, older adults often worry that they won't be cared for properly at a senior care facility. Even the family members may be concerned about who would be taking care of their loved one and would he/she be cared for with as much love as in the family. But good assisted living centers have highly empathetic and friendly staff members who provide the elderly residents with professional and quality care.

Will I lose independence?

Many older adults are not willing to move to an assisted living facility because they are afraid of losing independence. According to a study conducted by the Clarity® and The EAR Foundation, 89 percent of seniors were more worried of losing independence than even death. This clearly indicates how important independence is for elderly people. You don’t have to worry about this if you are able to choose the right facility. While encouraging independence among seniors, assisted living facilities offer them dedicated staff for taking care of their basic needs and provide them with safety in case of any emergency.

Neglect and Abuse Worries

As all of us know, elderly are vulnerable to neglect and abuse in any care situation. However, you are needless to worry about such things because all reputable assisted living communities know that their residents are entitled to security, privacy and other rights. They abide by all federal and state laws intended to protect senior residents from neglect and abuse. Good assisted living centers also perform effective background checks on applicants before hiring them in order to review their criminal and commercial records.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 8/23/2017
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