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Everyone, especially elderly people, wants to live in their own home. Of course, home is the best place for any elderly unless they feel lonely and depressed, or need assistance with their activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, housekeeping, toileting etc. If your elderly loved ones are no longer able to perform daily tasks on their own, it is better to move them to a reputable assisted living facility that suits their needs and taste. Many elderly people are unwilling to move into assisted living. However, as far as the wellness, quality of life, safety, and social life are concerned, a good assisted living community could be far better for seniors than their own home. Here are some compelling reasons to consider assisted living for your elderly loved one:

Fitness and physical activity

Most assisted living facilities provide exercise classes and gym equipment. Additionally, there will be personal trainers to help the residents with specific goals such as improving their overall physical health.

Social Activity

Living at home may be isolating and could lead to depression, particularly if the elderly is alone. It won't be easy for the senior to maintain friendships and social relationships as they age. Assisted living communities offer socialization through dancing, cultural events, planned activities, and outings. Additionally, assisted living facilities have common areas for the residents where they can have fun and socialization.

Intellectual Stimulation

Assisted living communities provide plenty of chances for learning, which include computer classes, art classes, gardening, book clubs and more. Some assisted living centers are located near college so that the residents can use the nearby campus resources.

Safe Living Environment

Generally, in-home care and home medications are necessary for a safe environment in the home. This could be very costly. Assisted living facilities are designed for accessibility and mobility. Additionally, assisted living offers medical attention and expert care if needed.

Healthy, nutritious, chef-prepared cuisine

You may not think that senior nutrition is a big deal. But actually it's a major concern. Nowadays, many elderly people are malnourished. Assisted living facilities offer nutritious chef-prepared meals catered for elderly needs and specific medical conditions. Residents get three wholesome meals a day tailored to the dietary needs and changing health requirements of seniors. Some posh communities even provide luxury dining.

Relief from transportation and housekeeping

As people age, housekeeping, appointments and even basic daily chores become stressful for them. They get relief from most of these burdens by moving to an assisted living community. Most assisted living facilities offer transportation and housekeeping services.

Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)

Generally, family caregivers are responsible for helping the elderly with their ADLs like bathing, dressing, toileting and eating when they are living at home. Otherwise the elderly themselves or the family must afford the cost of hiring a home care aide. Both the options could cause financial and personal strain on your family. Assisted living is definitely a better option because it helps older adults with their ADLs and encourages them to live as much independent as possible.

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No one wants to put a loved one in a senior care center such as an assisted living facility. However, sometimes that is the best (and may be the only) alternative. When an elderly is no longer able to live a completely independent life and home becomes an unsafe place for them to live, it is better to move them to an assisted living facility that suits their needs.

But, even if you realize that assisted living is the best option for your elderly parents, you may find it hard to move them from home. In general, all elderly people prefer to live in their own homes. Most of them are unwilling to move to assisted living communities and other senior care centers. There may be several reasons for this. Many people think that assisted living communities are filled with aged and sick people. Many of them believe they can't enjoy a free life in such facilities. Here are a few strategies you can use to convince your ill-parents who are reluctant to move to an assisted living facility:

Begin early and be patient

Most people fail to communicate with their parents about moving to an assisted living community until a health crisis occurs. But ideally, families need relaxed conversations regarding such future plans long before a crisis. Look for chances to ask your elderly parents’ opinion about hiring a caregiver and moving to an assisted living community as they are getting older. Give them enough time to answer.

Find out the reason for refusal

Ask questions and discover why the elderly refuses to make a move to an assisted living community so that you can find a solution to the problem. Worries about lack of privacy, loss of independence, cost of care etc. are the common reasons why seniors are unwilling to move into assisted living. They may be ready for the move once these misconceptions are dispelled.

Offer a few options

Give your elderly parent a list of some good assisted living facilities that suit their needs and interests. Schedule visits to these communities so that your loved one will get a sense of the large variety of choices. Seniors will be happy when you give importance to their preferences.

Use outsiders

Sometimes it would be easier for an elderly to discuss with a professional or an outsider than a family member. You may request a doctor, nurse, priest, or a social worker to advise your elderly parent.

Use short-term stays offered by assisted living communities

Most assisted living facilities offer short-term stays (known as respite care). You can use respite care as a bridge to assisted living. It provides you a great chance to introduce your elderly parent to an assisted living community without forcing or threatening them. Such short-term stays can clear away all their worries and misconceptions about assisted living. The positive experience they had during such short-term stays will encourage your elderly parents to move to an assisted living facility when they become unable to live a fully independent life.

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Change from the location where they have lived in for several decades can be challenging to anyone. In general, it takes a few days or weeks to settle in. Though the experience of transition is not the same for everyone, the keys to a successful life in an assisted living facility are patience, understanding, preparation and a positive attitude, in addition to a good support network. However, when one has to move to an assisted living facility, he might have several questions and concerns such as "Is the move really essential?"; "Will I lose my privacy", and "Will I be cared for properly".

Here are the major concerns people often have when it's time to move to a senior care facility:

Will it be a boring life?

When leaving their own home, many people think that it will be a boring life at the senior care center as they don't have any friends or relatives there. Most people worry about living a lonely life. But good assisted living centers understand the need to laugh, have fun, learn, explore, and live life to the fullest. Most assisted living facilities offer events such as dancing, karaoke, field trips, outdoor excursions, and many other entertainments so that the residents can enjoy a happy life with full of fun and activities.

Will I be properly cared for?

As they have to live away from family members and loved ones, older adults often worry that they won't be cared for properly at a senior care facility. Even the family members may be concerned about who would be taking care of their loved one and would he/she be cared for with as much love as in the family. But good assisted living centers have highly empathetic and friendly staff members who provide the elderly residents with professional and quality care.

Will I lose independence?

Many older adults are not willing to move to an assisted living facility because they are afraid of losing independence. According to a study conducted by the Clarity® and The EAR Foundation, 89 percent of seniors were more worried of losing independence than even death. This clearly indicates how important independence is for elderly people. You don’t have to worry about this if you are able to choose the right facility. While encouraging independence among seniors, assisted living facilities offer them dedicated staff for taking care of their basic needs and provide them with safety in case of any emergency.

Neglect and Abuse Worries

As all of us know, elderly are vulnerable to neglect and abuse in any care situation. However, you are needless to worry about such things because all reputable assisted living communities know that their residents are entitled to security, privacy and other rights. They abide by all federal and state laws intended to protect senior residents from neglect and abuse. Good assisted living centers also perform effective background checks on applicants before hiring them in order to review their criminal and commercial records.

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No one actually wants to leave a place where they have lived in for decades. However, at times it becomes unavoidable. Now-a-days most people are unable to care for their elderly loved ones due to their busy schedules. So finding a senior care facility becomes a must when older adults are no longer able to perform their activities of daily living (ADL) fully independently.

When you make the hard decision of moving your loved one to a senior care center such as an assisted living facility, you may have several questions in mind. Perhaps the most important of them is how to choose the right one. As there are plenty of senior care facilities across the nation, you must choose the most suitable one where your elderly parent can stay safe and comfortable and where they will receive high quality care. If you are unaware of the elements you have to look for, it could end up choosing an unsuitable facility. We will explain the important factors to consider when selecting an assisted living center for an older adult.

Quality is more important than distance

People often tend to think that it would be easier for them to meet their elderly parents if they were put in a nearby senior care facility. However, there are several other more important factors you should consider when you choose an assisted living center for your parent. Among them, the quality of care the residents receive at the facility is the most important thing. If your parent get better care at a faraway facility, that would be the best choice.

Staff is more important than the facility

Don’t select an assisted living facility merely by its attractive look. Make sure that the facility has sufficient and empathetic staff members who understand the problems of elderly people and care for them in a professional manner.

Recognize marketing traps

The marketers hired by the senior care facilities may tell you many things. However, before sending a loved one to an assisted living facility, you must ensure that all the commitments will be fulfilled. Marketers may tell you that they can offer you discounted rates until a certain date. Don’t be a victim of such high-pressure sales tactics.

Don’t be too fast

While some people are so confused that they are not even able to take a decision on moving a loved one to a senior care facility, many others are so fast that they won’t be able to find the right one for their loved one. Choosing the very first facility you visit is never advisable. You must a few facilities so that you can realize how one is different from the other and decide which one would be the best for your elderly parent.

Consider the Older adult’s preferences rather than your own tastes

Though you might have many preferences when selecting a senior care facility for your elderly family members, give more importance to their tastes.

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You may wonder how you can determine if it's time for moving a loved one to an assisted living community. As our parents age, we should look for the signs that indicate they are no longer able to live fully independently. It is really impressive that many older adults maintain their lives independently at home. However, we should learn to understand the possible warning signs which generally come with the aging process. Here we will explain the signs that indicate if it's time for your loved one to receive additional care and assistance or for a move into an assisted living facility.

Signs telling it's time for assisted living

To understand that an elderly loved one needs additional care or a move to an assisted living setting is a part of helping them maintain their physical and mental health. To know if an elderly can remain at home safely or it it's time for assisted living, take a look at current housing situation, medical needs, and health status. Also look for the following signs:


Regular bruising

Repeated bruising indicates that the elderly is falling frequently. This happens when he/she is unable to handle everything independently and does not get any assistance when you are absent in the home. In such situations, putting your loved one into an assisted living setting would be the right option.



Less Food Consumption

Is your elderly loved one saying that he/she is eating, but you are noticing spoiled food in the kitchen? Is he/she losing weight significantly? Skipping meals could a clear sign that suggests your loved one is struggling. Then you can think about moving him/her to an assisted living arrangement.



Cut back on interests and activities

Does your loved one has given up his/her favorite hobbies? Has he/she given up a club membership? Have you noticed unused or expired library card? Though people may cut back certain things for various reasons, dropping out almost everything is an indication of depression. It means your loved one needs additional help and care.



Leaving active friendships

Does your elderly parent still go for outing with friends or visit the neighbors? Does he/she take part in group events or religious activities? Lack of companionship may be an indication of heart problems or depression in elderly people.



Changes in appearance

Is your elderly parent wearing dirty or untidy clothes? Does his/her makeup and hair look all right? Changes in such personal habits indicate he/she needs more care.



Mood variations

Unusual changes in mood may be suggesting that your loved one is not being given his/her medication properly on time. As this can be dangerous, you can consider moving him/her to an assisted living setting.


If an elderly family member shows some of the above indications, you can assume that he/she requires additional care and some support in their day-to-day activities. Then it's time for you to find a good assisted living or ambient living facility for your loved one.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 7/27/2017

Changes are often hard for any elderly and they are usually reluctant to alter the way things have been in the past. They may not be willing to move from the place where they have lived for decades. In general, all elders want to live in their homes with their family members and loved ones. However, this may not be possible always, especially in a society where everyone is busy with their own tasks. Many times, an assisted living facility can provide the elders with a new lease of life.


However, before choosing an assisted living facility for a loved one, you may seek answers to many questions. Here are some of them:


What Is Assisted Living?


Assisted Living can be defined as a housing for disabled or older adults that provides them with basic nursing care, meals, and housekeeping as required. It is a good option for those who want to live independently but need some help in certain daily activities. An assisted living facility provides assistance in a homelike environment while respecting the need and importance of privacy of the resident; encouraging independence; and treating the residents with dignity.


In general, an assisted living facility provides the residents with:


  • An apartment with bathroom and kitchenette with fridge;
  • Safety as well as security;
  • Personal care;
  • Help with activities of daily living;
  • Social activities, wellness, and entertainment;
  • Three meals per day;
  • Health care services;
  • Transportation
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Privacy
  • Scheduled as well as unscheduled assistance


What Is Ambient Living?


When an assisted living facility uses latest technology for the welfare of its residents, it is known as ambient living or ambient assisted living. These facilities use technology that does not need much input from the user to keep the residents safe. For example, GPS devices can be used for keeping track of patients with dementia.


What is the difference between independent living and assisted living?


This question is often asked by individuals who are planning to move their loved ones to an assisted or ambient living arrangement. An independent living setting only provides the resident with a place to live. It doesn't provide the essential care the resident may need. But an assisted living facility provides the residents with assistance with all necessary activities of daily life such as bathing, eating, and dressing. It also offers basic personal care for the residents.


What is the difference between a nursing home and assisted living?


Though both assisted living facilities and nursing homes are senior housing centers, they are not the same. The main difference between these two is in the medical services they provide. Nursing home residents need round-the-clock care and observation. They generally live with complex medical conditions which require the care and assistance of a skilled nurse or physical therapist. But residents of an assisted living facility live independently with some assistance in their day-to-day activities. They don't need constant medical care or round-the-clock support.


Additionally, nursing home residents may have to share their room with another elderly. But residents in an assisted living facility typically have their own suite or apartment.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 7/11/2017

One of the best places to start helping your brain improve it's cognitive abilities, and to slow the process of cognitive decline is your diet. Taking a nutritive approach to improving brain function and stopping memory loss is easier than you think. Many of the suggestions we make help more than just your brain. These foods provide benefit to your body. But remember this - your brain is what regulates your bodily functions. Helping your brain is the foundational move towards improving your quality of life and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

You may be noticing that your brain is experiencing memory lag lately, you can't remember things as easy as you once did, or your brain just isn't as sharp as it used to be.

Here Are Some Common Foods You Can Add To Your Diet That Will Help Improve Your Brain Power.


Omega-3 fatty acid's are essential to many parts of the body, but must be sourced through diet. The body doesn't produce Omega-3's on its own. Packed full of Omega-3's, walnuts bring a powerful anti-inflammatory punch that greatly improves blood flow to the brain. The better the blood flow, the lower the risk of stroke and the faster information can pass between neurons. Walnuts are believed to help improve cognitive function, memory and motor skills.

More blueberries? Yes, please.

Do you know what can cause your brain cells to mutate? What about something that breaks down your brain tissue, even compromise your body's immune system? All of these things are caused by something called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is linked to diseases affecting memory like Alzheimer's and dementia. One simple solution - eat lots of blueberries. If oxidative stress were like the temperature outside your house, blueberries would be the insulation from the external effects of the outside elements. In other words, blueberries are an insulation against oxidative stress. One of the best foods you can eat to improve your cognitive health is blueberries.

Alzheimer's and dementia are terrible diseases that slowly erode and destroy someone's quality of life. The foods mentioned above and in our other brain foods post, can help change the way your brain functions and improve your quality of life. If you have any questions about memory function, or are looking to consult someone in memory care, the experts at Clayton Oaks Living would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Posted by Clayton on 6/21/2017

We may not realize this at a young age, but feeding our brains the right nutrients can support long-term cognitive function. Rather than just focus on foods that are good for the body overall, it's time to target the most important organ in your body - your brain. Cognitive decline is a common symptom of the aging process. Memory loss is another common side effect of getting older. So if you would like keep the side effects to a minimum, there are some common and delicious foods nature gives us to slow the effects aging has on our brains. Simple changes to your diet can make a great impact on the nutrition your body receives.

Here Are Some Foods To Help With Memory Loss and Cognitive Debilitation.


Avocados are wonderful at lowering blood pressure, which is imperative for strong cognitive function. The white matter in your brain depends on a substance known as myelin. Myelin is like a coating to protect the brain's white matter. A myelin deficiency will cause a slow down in the speed that information travels through your brain. Avocados have a significant amount of a fatty acid known as oleic acid that helps in the production of myelin.

Blackberries… Very Powerful

As we age, our brain cells experience increased inflammation. Blackberries give your body powerful antioxidants, which prevent and stop inflammation and promote healthy communication between the neurons in your brain. If you feel like your brain cells are experiencing difficulty communicating with each other, the antioxidants known as polyphenols will improve neuron communication. Here's to helping your brain learn new things faster.

Both of these brain foods listed above are easy options to add to your diet. You don't have to consume large amounts of it all at once, but rather add these foods on a consistent basis in smaller quantities. If you make them a regular part of your nutrition arsenal, you will help your brain improve over the long haul.

As a memory care program in Richmond Texas, just outside of Sugar Land, we see the damaging effects Alzheimer's and dementia place on peoples cognitive abilities and their ability to function as they once did. We want to see people live happy and healthy and be of clear mind all the days of their lives.

Posted by Clayton on 6/5/2017

It's time to consider having the conversation with your senior loved one about moving in to senior living.

Aging can present difficult challenges, and aging is certainly a reality that faces everyone. It's difficult to watch those that you love and are close to you show signs of physical or mental disability. You may have brushed off warning signs in the past, but eventually, if left unaddressed, these small problems can lead to much bigger and more serious ones. Your senior may not even realize there's trouble, or even worse, may not want to admit it. Admitting struggle can make one feel like they are going to be a burden on those around them. If mom, dad or a senior loved one in your life are showing signs that they need assisted-living services, help with activities for daily living, or may need to be set free from their current lifestyle, it's time to have a conversation with them about their wishes and the right senior living option for them.

Senior Living Conversation Tips

Plan A Conversation When You And Your Family Are At Their Best

In society today, it's easy to get distracted by the busyness of life or weighed down by daily responsibilities. Talking with mom or dad about transitioning into a senior living community in Sugar Land, Texas is a very important conversation. Make sure to plan a time that everyone is feeling well rested. Be sure to remove things that might distract from a meaningful conversation.

Be Prepared With Accurate and Detailed Senior Living Information

If you're going to have a conversation that involves major life transition, it's best to do research about what all is involved with different senior living options like assisted living, independent living, memory care and others. There's a wealth of senior living information available at your fingertips. Everyone present in the conversation most likely have a lot of questions and opinions, and the more you are prepared with accurate data and information, the better the conversation can steer towards making the best choice to honor your loved one's wishes, concerning how they will be cared for.

Give It Time and Schedule a Follow-Up Conversation Before You Leave the Meeting

Because transitioning into a senior living community is a major life change, it's not likely that decisions will be made during your initial conversation. Once you've let everyone voice their opinion and made your loved one's wishes known and clear, mom or dad feel strongly about something in the moment. Giving them time to process may change their mind, or at least give them a chance to make an informed decision that they think is wisest for them. However, you shouldn't leave the follow-up time open ended. Your loved one may want to delay the process as long as they think possible. Set a firm date with everyone to get back together and discuss things further.

When doing research and gathering information on senior living options like retirement communities, assisted living communities in Richmond Texas, assisted living in Sugar Land Texas, memory care, and independent living communities, you will probably have many questions. The best things to do after gathering basic information is to schedule a tour with several senior living communities like Clayton Oaks Living.

Posted by Clayton on 5/24/2017

If your aging parent is struggling, chances are they may not feel comfortable telling anyone. Admitting that they need help could be a big struggle. Due to effects of aging, your parent may not even realize that help is needed. It's important, as a concerned family member and as a caregiver, to learn to detect and recognize signs that your loved one needs assisted care or assisted living. Recognizing warning signs early on can allow issues to be addressed before they turn into more serious problems.

Here Are Signs That a Senior May Need Assisted-Living.

Contrary to the fear many seniors have, receiving assistance with activities for daily living doesn't degrade one's dignity, though issues maybe of a very personal nature. Conversely, receiving assisted-living services can promote quality of life, because the senior who is struggling will receive the proper assisted care they need.

Mom or Dad Have a Poor Kept or Unusual Appearance.

Issues related to aging, like arthritis and decreased mobility, can make it difficult for seniors to do common things like get dressed or bathe in the shower. This also may alter the types of clothing that you see them wear. Often times if a senior has trouble dressing they will wear sweatshirts and sweatpants many days in a row. Pay close attention to the types of shoes that mom or dad wear. If they are wearing more slip on's, where they used to wear tied shoes, this could be a sign that dressing in better attire is difficult.

You're Beloved Senior is Demonstrating Poor Hygiene.

One of the most common signs someone needs assisted care is in the area of bathing and showering. Because showering and bathing can become increasingly difficult seniors, without assistance or some sort of bathroom modification, will tend to clean one self less frequently. Fear and losing balance and slipping and falling is also another leading reason why many seniors let their hygiene go. Couple this with a decreased sense of smell, you're aging parent probably won't even realize they aren't keeping themselves up or expel smells everyone around them may notice.

Mom and Dad's House Is Always Messy.

If your parents used to keep a clean house, as many seniors in the baby boomer generation once did, but now they aren't keeping up with it anymore, this is typically a sign that daily chores have become quite difficult. All these and more are easy indicators that conversation needs to be had about offering your loved one assistance. Senior living communities like Clayton Oaks Living in Sugar Land are great resources for providing activities and assisted services that promote vibrant and healthy senior living for your aging loved one.

Posted by Clayton on 5/12/2017

Getting older presents many challenges. Keeping up the house in an independent lifestyle can become more challenging and certainly more lonely. One of the greatest benefits of senior living, especially from assisted-living, when activities for daily living (ADLs) become a burden, is the freedom to enjoy life at the pace and with the support an aging senior needs. They may not be able to receive these at the same level that they would living at home. Many seniors may not realize that senior living, even assisted-living services are more affordable than they may think. In fact, depending on your current lifestyle, you may not notice a change in cost at all, considering your mortgage, real estate and insurance, housing upkeep and other costs of living.

The Benefits To Senior Living.

Assisted Living Takes Care of Housekeeping.

Imagine not having the burden of all the daily chores to keep the house that you once had. Living on your own means you're responsible for all the maintenance and all the chores in the home. Not to mention all the laundry! This benefit alone is one of the big reasons many seniors choose a senior living option like Clayton Oaks Living.

Senior Living Offers a Renewed Sense of Independence

Rather than being on your own and having to depend on friends and family to assist with personal and basic tasks that you feel will bother them, you could be an environment where you can receive discrete help anytime that you need it. A caring senior living staff who understands what you're going through is there to help with whatever you need.

Assisted Living Offers World-Class Superior Dining.

Senior living communities like Clayton Oaks Living provide fresh meals three times a day, prepared by award-winning chef's and served by a wait staff. There are plenty of options on the menu, and most assisted living communities will tailor the dining accommodations to each resident's specific nutritional needs. Seniors can dine with friends and even entertain visiting guests and family members. Compare this to eating at home, where seniors will typically eat by themselves and eat mostly prepackaged meals, often forgetting to adhere to any special dietary needs.

There are so many more benefits to you choosing a senior living retirement or assisted living community, like Clayton Oaks Living. Perhaps the greatest benefit is being an environment where you can seek the best quality of life, supported by a senior living staff and great friends.

Posted by Clayton on 4/28/2017

Technological advances in medicine have changed over time, but the stubborn nature of many seniors hasn't. Unfortunately, due to the personal nature of one's health issues, many seniors struggle to admit to themselves and others that they need help. Signs that your aging parent may need help aren't always obvious and can be ever so subtle, or seem that way, especially if you see them on a regular basis. Those who live a further distance away and see mom and dad less frequently may notice the subtle signs more quickly. The reality is that aging can take a toll on a persons health in a very gradual manner. Even if a beloved senior claims nothing is wrong and won't open up enough to share their struggles with you, there are key signs that point to mom or dad needing assisted care.

Here Are Signs Your Parent May Need Assisted Living

Their Diet And Eating Habits Have Changed.

As humans age, eating doesn't carry the same meaning or invoke the same passions as it once did. If a senior doesn't taste or smell as well as they once did, chances are they will begin skipping meals and let food spoil more regularly. If you open up the fridge at their house and notice that many of the food items are expired, this is a telltale sign that things have changed dramatically. Pay close attention to see if they try to eat or serve you expired food. The reality is they probably don't even notice. If their sense of smell has decreased, they will probably be less likely to react appropriately to potential dangers like the smell of gas or smoke. Take an inventory of the pantry and the refrigerator and see how fresh the food is compared to the number of processed items and expired food that is present.

Their Behavior Is Frequently Bizarre.

Do mom and dad have frequent mood swings not typical to their personality? Depression is a growing problem among seniors and the side effects of medication and other health issues can promote debility and frequent mood swings. Mom or dad may also seem more anxious than normal or particularly withdrawn in the company of others. This could also lead to a neglect of personal health and cleanliness, as well as keeping up with daily chores.

H3 - Assisted Living Offers Hope as a Next Step

Aging, no doubt, takes a difficult toll and places a burden on seniors overtime. Rather than sitting by and helplessly facing their problems, seniors are trading their life at home for a vibrant social life at an assisted living community in Sugar Land, like Clayton Oaks Living. A senior living community such as this is for seniors to remain as independent as possible, while offering necessary help with activities for daily living (ADLs). Seniors can preserve their dignity, develop new friendships and explore new adventures in a life-giving atmosphere.

Posted by Clayton on 4/21/2017

Having a conversation with mom or dad about taking the keys away is never easy. Sometimes it may seem like they really are just experiencing temporary issues with isolated circumstances related to the driving. And so you aren't quite sure whether or not preventing them from driving is necessary. Other times, larger and more obvious things happen that force you to make a tough decision. No aging parent wants to feel like they are being treated like a kid by their adult children, but for the safety of themselves and everyone else on the road, paying attention to important signs of a necessary change is imperative. Certainly, no one wants to be on the other side of a bad accident that could've been prevented had someone sat down with mom and dad and began a conversation about changes in their driving privileges.

Signs It's Time To Take The Keys Away From Mom And Dad

Pay Attention To Mom And Dad's Driving Reaction Time

Being able to multitask while driving is an important and necessary ability. With a vision or hearing impairment, the ability for your loved one to respond quickly is highly unlikely. Examples include slowly noticing and reacting to sudden changes in traffic like a stopping car or approaching vehicle, or railroad crossing alerts. Mom and dad may also have trouble swerving all the way to avoid an accident. Your loved one may also notice traffic signal changes only at the last minute which require them to slam on the brakes or step on the gas.

Medical Conditions And Taking Medication.

Certain medical conditions that develop should merit automatic driving restrictions or prevention. Diseases like epilepsy and diabetes have been known to affect one's ability to drive. It's important to know what conditions your loved one may be suffering from so you can know how to best help them prepare, be informed and be empowered in the decision on whether not to transition your senior loved on out of driving.

If you're aging parent is on any kind of medication, you should find out any side effects that may impair their ability to drive. Mom or dad maybe find behind the wheel whenever they are on medication, but certain medications can impair cognition and cause other side effects that make it unsafe for them and others on the road.

The benefit to living in an assisted living community in Sugar Landlike Clayton Oaks Living, is that senior living communities will typically provide the necessary transportation for your aging senior and they also help avoid a difficult conversations of whether not to take the keys away. BIn a retirement community they may not even need their own transportation.

Posted by Clayton on 4/7/2017

The ability and freedom to drive means independence and a great sense of mobility. Anytime your car gets put in the shop, or even if someone else borrows it temporarily, you know the feeling of being stuck where you are and being reliant on someone else to take you where you want or need to go. When mom or dad are showing signs that they're driving privileges may need to be taken away, it can be scary and frustrating for them as well as for you. This transition could mean that you may take on the role of more of a caregiver than a son or daughter. Chances are, your parents don't want to fill the risk of losing this privilege, so they may be in the state of denial when confronted with their driving impairments. Additionally, they may also realize that not being able to drive may put you out and so they will probably show initial signs of resistance. Your parents probably won't want to hear the bad news from you, as they may feel like that you are treating them like a kid or grounding them like a teenager.

It's Important To Know The Signs That It May Be Time To Take The Keys Away From Mom or Dad.

They're Driving Habits Have Changed.

You might've noticed your beloved senior is on edge while driving. Their depth perception might not be as great as it used to be and they are increasingly slower to react in driving situations including stopping way in advance at stop signs, slowing down for stopping vehicles in front of them, rolling through stop signs, not observing driving laws and street signs, and going to slow or too fast. It could be simple things like mom or dad like to take road trips, but don't seem to drive very far anymore. They may also not like to drive at night or in altered weather conditions, where those things may not have used to bother or affect them like they do now. Your parents might also have gotten into an odd accident or experienced several close calls recently. These are all signs that your loved one isn't comfortable or shouldn't be getting behind the wheel.

Mom or Dad Have Become Increasingly Vision or Hearing Impaired

Hearing and sight are two of the most critical senses necessary for good driving. Old age can severely inhibit a senior’s ability to operate a vehicle as they should. For example, they may not see pedestrians and other moving objects in their peripheral view. Once they do notice something in their way, it may be too late, especially given their cognitive ability to process and react in the moment to avoid an accident. Good hearing is also important so that your loved one can detect things like honking horns, blaring sirens, an oncoming train, and other elements of their surroundings.

The great thing about assisted-living communities in places like Sugar Land, is that senior living communities like Clayton Oaks Living provide transportation to and from places their residents need and want to go.

Posted by Clayton on 3/24/2017

Social Activity Tips for Seniors with Alzheimer's or Dementia

Just because your loved one may be struggling with some cognitive impairments, you still want them to enjoy life with those they care about and love. Regardless of their current mental state, you, as a friend, family member, or caregiver can help them have the best time possible, certainly meaningful. The thing to remember is that your loved one may react differently in social environments at different stages of the disease. As the stages advance, your loved one will require extra caution and patience in the process. However, no matter the stage, there are some common things to keep in mind that will help ensure your loved one have a great time at a social event.

Prepare Your Loved One Far in Advance

Chances are your loved one will have some memories that can connect them to the event they're going to attend. Talk to them about what they will be doing and the people they will be seeing. Remember that the more familiar your loved one is with these things and the more you talk about them, the better chance they won't feel uneasy and socially awkward at the event. It's also important to keep in mind that you need to take your loved one’s personality into account as well, when they are lucid as well as moments when the disease seems to be getting the best of them.

Incorporate Familiar Things Into the Event

Sensory items also play a big part in making your love one feel comfortable in a social environment. Smells can invoke wonderful memories and set your loved one at ease. Food also makes a great association with one's past. You might even try speaking to the event coordinator about making special arrangements to include foods on the menu that your loved one is most familiar with. It wouldn't be a good idea to feed them differently than everyone else, as that might make them feel singled out and even more confused than they already feel. If there are going to be new sounds and smells and tastes at this event, you can try to begin to incorporate these items into your loved one’s daily routine well ahead of the day. This will help increase the chance that things will be familiar to your loved one on the day of the event.

Consider Changing the Venue

If your loved one is living in a senior living community in Sugar Land like Clayton Oaks Living, the memory care program staff will be able to facilitate a social event at almost any time, and arrange it so that the event is managed with your loved one’s best interest at heart. The environment in a memory care community is much more controlled than some place else unfamiliar. It's also easier to control the time of the event, as it's best to keep your loved one in their daily routine and keep the amount of time interacting with others to a minimum.

If you have any questions about social interaction for Seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia, the memory care staff at Clayton Oaks Living in Richmond, TX near Sugar Land would be happy to speak with you.

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Dementia Care Houston At Clayton Oaks Living

Dementia describes a multiple number of brain disease symptoms, the most common of which include loss of memory, judgment, thinking along with many others. This may ultimately lead to the one suffering from dementia being a victim of the Alzheimer’s disease. As sad of a truth as it may be, the possibility of people being victim to this disease is a reality. Clayton Oaks Living always strives to bring the finest in quality lifestyle to our residents, and those suffering from dementia are no different than the others. Our doors are always open to every senior citizen, whether they be looking for just a room to crash in, support or care, or even if they are suffering from dementia. Dementia Care Houston was designed for the sole purpose of serving the senior citizens suffering from Dementia.

Dementia Care Houston - Unparalleled & Highly Professional

Here at Clayton Oaks Living, we have a group of highly skilled staff members along with highly trained nurses, onsite doctors and physicians that are available for our residents 24/7 around the clock to bring them the best in care and health that they possibly can receive. As far as our residents, which suffer from dementia, are concerned, we have a special care program designed specifically for them. Care and support is provided in a very professional manner and is respective of the lifestyle of the resident. Our staff tries it’s best to make the resident feel at home, even synchronize with their lifestyles so that they may feel comfort knowing that they are not living with a bunch of strangers that know nothing. Besides being instructed to serve the residents, suffering from dementia, with a higher staff-to-resident ratio, the dementia care team is also given training on a continual basis so that they may provide their services with a better quality each day. They are really passionate about serving such residents and, thus, try their level best to create an atmosphere that is pleasing and an environment that is bound to bring mental and physical relaxation to the mind and the heart of our residents, suffering from dementia. Dementia Care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living provides the team with instructions on how to deal with the dementia suffering residents using the best practices, making use of verbal and non-verbal memory cues, along with many other progressive techniques. To sum it all up, if you or someone you know is suffering from dementia, the only place to go to is Dementia Care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living. The service that we provide is unparalleled.

Visit Today & Rest Assured

With all that being said, there is only a single thing left for us to do. We invite you to come and visit Dementia Care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living. A visit won’t hurt and we’re sure you’re not going to regret the decision.

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Greatwood Assisted Living At Clayton Oaks Living

It is quite a common fact that the need for assistance grows as people grow with age. Clayton Oaks Living was initiated with the sole purpose of bringing assisted support and care to its residents in a fashion that is unparalleled and is going to leave a mark in your life. From individualized care plans to personal care plans, Greatwood Assisted Living at Clayton Oaks Living is the only place you should be looking for if peace of mind and heart is what you desire.

Personal & Individualized Care Plans At Greatwood Assisted Living

Greatwood Assisted Living at Clayton Oaks Living delivers support and assistance in a fashion that is both professional and, at the same time, brings an enjoyable experience for our residents. We provide a studio floor plan and a one bedroom floor plan that is worth every penny. Here at Clayton Oaks Living, we have a group of highly skilled individuals along with highly trained nurses that are going to be at your disposal 24/7 round the clock to bring you one of the finest experiences you can wish for. We have a phone system installed in every apartment and social areas so that all the assistance you require are only a phone call away from you. Medication management, incontinence management and diabetes management programs and much more await the arrival of our residents at Clayton Oaks Living. We have our very own wellness and care programs as well that are under the supervision of our highly skilled nurses. Besides this, onsite doctors and physicians are always going to be present for you so that you don't have to see a sick day while you're on a stay with us. Even you do happen to fall sick, our nurses, doctors and physicians are going to be there for you to get your health up. Besides this, Greatwood Assisted Living at Clayton Oaks Living will provide you with other day to day services such as bathing, grooming and dressing as well so that you may look as sharp as you can.

Transportation, Housekeeping, Nutrition & Activities At Clayton Oaks Living

We are not the ones that are going to keep you bound in your apartment. You're not here to be grounded are you? We have our very own transportation that is going to get you to any place you require, whether it be a medical appointment, grocery shopping or even an outing program with other folks at Greatwood Assisted Living. Weekly housekeeping is a necessity and we've got you covered on this as we really wish for our residents to have a living environment that feels nothing short of a home. Food is something we never compromise upon and our cook is always there to cook 3 delicious and nutritious meals for our residents so they may enjoy the taste of excellence, here at Clayton Oaks Living.

Clayton Oaks Living Awaits Your Arrival

This is not all. We have a lot more in store for you and all of it is waiting to be discovered by you upon your arrival. So don't hesitate and book your stay with us. You're in for a lot of surprises and a lifestyle that you're going to remember all your life.

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Exceptional Memory Care Houston At Clayton Oaks Living

Here at Clayton Oaks Living, we're not only concerned about the well-being of our residents, but we also take into consideration bringing ease to the families of our residents as much as we can. With that being said, Alzheimer's disease is one that is bound to raise the tension in any family and only add to their troubles. For the very purpose of releasing the families of our residents from the tension of their beloved one, suffering from dementia, Memory Care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living has designed it's very own memory care program that is guaranteed to bring mental and physical relaxation to our residents suffering from dementia. By booking a stay with us, rest assured that your loved ones are in the hands of professionals and continue your day to day tasks without having a worry in your mind.

Generations Memory Care Program At Clayton Oaks Living

For the very purpose of bringing care and support to our residents suffering from dementia in a fashion that is unparalleled, Memory Care Houston has designed it's very own memory ISL's signature person-centered memory care program called Generations. With this program, rest assured that our guests are being given the best care and support to help them strive with dementia. Our memory care team is highly skilled and knows how to deal with each resident individually respective of their lifestyle and their daily routine. By doing so, our team tries to make sure that they are in synch with our residents in order to bring mental ease and physical relaxation to them. Not only this, but the team is continually trained on the bests practices they need to follow when it comes to dealing with residents suffering from dementia. Progressive techniques, memory cues, verbal and non-verbal cues are just some of the methodologies our team follows in order to reorient the residents. And our memory care team isn't the only one that is going to be looking after our residents. Our highly skilled staff and nurses are available 24/7 at the service of our residents and they have been properly instructed to have a higher staff-to-resident ratio for our residents suffering from dementia so that they can get as much care and attention as they deserve to bring them yet even a better experience. Memory Care Houston is driven by a single motive, which is to connect and share the precious moments in life. Not only does this create a relaxed atmosphere for our residents but is an exciting experience for our memory care team and the staff as well. At Memory Care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living, we connect and share!

Visit Clayton Oaks Living Today To Enjoy Unparalleled Service

We are more than just words. But we can't do anything if you're not around. So why the wait? Visit us or book your stay today and allow us to bring you the care, support and service that is unparalleled to any other out there.

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Luxury Senior Living Houston At Clayton Oaks Living

With only a single objective in mind, that is to provide one of the finest lifestyles to our senior citizens, Clayton Oaks Living strives to bring you the best of what you deserve. Senior Living Houston at Clayton Oaks Living is a community of respectable and fun loving folks that are nothing short of a family and are always looking for new members to expand further.

Amenities & Services At Clayton Oaks Living

The wide range of amenities and services that Senior Living Houston at Clayton Oaks Living packs together makes our service one of the best in the world and is going to be worth every penny that you are going to pay for it. What makes Senior Living Houston so different than any other senior living community? The amenities and services that we offer are nothing short of quality and allows to proudly state the fact that Clayton Oaks Living has no parallel when it comes to providing one of the finest lifestyles you are ever going to experience.

By staying with us at Senior Living Houston at Clayton Oaks Living, the following amenities and services will be available for you, always!

  • A grand entrance with a pick-up and drop-off area along with our very own parking lot that can house up to 100 cars.
  • Elegantly designed and ever beautiful walking paths for our residents to take a walk whenever they desire and get some fresh air in.
  • An amusing dog park with its very own bathing station.
  • Large outdoor courtyard with a beautiful fountain that creates a pleasing atmosphere in its own way.
  • Outdoor fireplace along with an indoor lobby with a fireplace of its own to keep you warm in the cold.
  • A grand dining room along with private dining rooms for you to invite over your friends and family and enjoy the nutritious meals that our cook prepares for our residents.
  • Bistro café with delicious on the go snacks for you to enjoy.
  • Our very own performance theater for you to come, have a seat, relax and enjoy.
  • Our very own library and computer stations, packed with high speed Wi-Fi.
  • Our very own beauty salon, a barber shop and a spa to get you a fresh look.
  • Our very own gift shop for you to purchase gifts from a wide variety for your loved ones.
  • Our very own exercise and fitness programs to bring you in the best shape of your life.

The list can go on and on. What we've listed above are just a few of our top of the line amenities and services that are always going to be at your disposal. And trust us when we say that you're missing out on a lot if you're still having double thoughts. If you're someone who is looking to have a quality time spent, then there really is nothing that you should think about. Senior Living Houston at Clayton Oaks Living has got you covered.

Book a tour Today & Allow Senior Living Houston To Serve

As mentioned before, Senior Living Houston at Clayton Oaks Living is always looking for new members to add to this ever growing family of ours. So leave the troubles behind and book your stay with us and allow us to bring ease and relaxation to your life.

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Clayton Oaks Living: Generations Memory Care

As saddened as we are while we speak of this, dementia is becoming more and more common every day. The disease is quite commonly being seen nowadays in our beloved elders and this truly is becoming one of the hardest challenges to deal with for every family that has an individual who has to live with dementia. To support and care for such individuals, Clayton Oaks Living has set up its very own dementia ISL’s signature person-centered memory care program called Generations. Through this program, memory care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living always tries its best to assist and care for our beloved elders who are suffering from dementia.

Memory Care Houston At Clayton Oaks Living

To start with, memory care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living has a floor plan set up specifically for those living with dementia. Apart from this separation, Clayton Oaks Living also offers an exceptional memory care program that is tailored to cater for and meet the needs of our dementia infected resident, called Generations. Our staff, as always, is 24/7 around the clock available for our residents and are always going to be there by your side to assist you whenever you are in need of anything. Dementia is not like any other disease. Decline in memory, having a hard time with one’s judgment and disorientation of one’s mental abilities and thinking capabilities are surely going to make someone feel like they are going crazy. And this truly isn’t a good sight to either bear or witness. To cater for such residents, memory care Houston at Clayton Oaks Living has designed supportive care for individuals that is reflective of their lifestyle, routine and their comfort level. All this has been done to make sure that we never force anyone suffering with dementia to go out of their comfort zone and let them be and feel as relaxed as they can. We are well aware of how to deal with such residents in a professional manner. That is why our staff that deals with such residents is always getting the training they require to better themselves to deal with such residents. They are being educated in the "best practices” they need to follow to achieve greater results. Progressive techniques, memory cues, verbal and non-communications: our staff makes use of all the necessary tricks in the bag to help our residents suffering with dementia have a good and progress-oriented time. If you or a loved one is suffering from dementia, there really isn’t any other option you need to be considering. By booking your stay with us, rest assured that you are going to be in the safest hands.

We are never going to let you down. Book your stay with us today and we promise to not leave you disappointed.

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Clayton Oaks Living: Assisted Living

Clayton Oaks Living is a place that does not only share the concern for the wellness of our beloved elder citizens but also their family members as well. Here at Clayton Oaks Living, we make sure that we provide care and support to our beloved elders in such professional manner that there family members can enjoy their very own peace of mind. Located currently in Richmond and the Sugar Land Area, Clayton Oaks Living is the place to be if you or someone you love is looking for a peaceful environment with a community filled with people that care for each other and love each other just the same.

Assisted Living Facilities At Clayton Oaks Living

Clayton Oaks Living is a place that offers numerous assisted living facilities to our residents. We try our best to make sure that our beloved elders feel like they are living in a home away from their real home with people that are like a second family to them. Assisted living facilities that we have to offer at Clayton Oaks Living are a wide variety including personalized care plans, individualized care plans, transportation, housekeeping, nutrition, activities and socialization. Here at Clayton Oaks Living, we are a group of highly professional and trained individuals who are available 24/7 around the clock for our beloved elders. Residents living in our apartments can also enjoy the use of their very own personal call systems that are placed within the apartments, and are also available at the numerous social areas. One of the other finest of the assisted living facilities that we have to offer include medication management for all our residents. We are well concerned about the health of our residents. That is why we have also included a diabetes management program along with the wellness program that is supervised by our highly trained and skilled licensed nurses. Besides these, our residents can enjoy the assistance for other normal day activities such as bathing, grooming and dressing care as well. And oh, if one of our residents happen to be not feeling good, we have an onsite doctor’s office that is always open for our residents to move in and get a quick check up on their condition. Individualized care plans are one of the most important feature in our assisted living facilities. We give our residents the complete freedom to be as independent as they wish to be. But when the time comes, we’re always ready to have an individualized care plan designed in accordance to the needs of any of our residents so that they can get the support and assistance that they require. Transportation facilities are also available for our residents, which they can use for multi-purpose including a scheduled trip to the doctor, a visit to the grocery store or any other event they wish to go and attend. Besides these, other assisted living facilities at Clayton Oaks Living, that our residents can enjoy also include daily housekeeping along with 3 delicious meals prepared by our very own chef.

All these services and much more are waiting to be discovered by you upon your arrival. And we’re a bunch of people that are always looking for new people to expand this family we have built up. So visit us now at Clayton Oaks Living to enjoy the wide variety of assisted living facilities that we have in store for you.

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Greatwood Assisted Living is your no one go to place if you feel like you’ve done your time and need a place to crash in and call home. And it’s not just about giving you a place to rest your shoulders, not at all. We’re a family that is always looking for new members to add up and expand. Assisted living is something that we specialize in and we are always wishing for our customers to give us the opportunity to serve them and make their days with us one of the finest and the most amazing experiences they have ever had during their lifetime.

As mentioned, we’re not a business but a family. And family loves and cares for each other. And the similar is the case with us. We have staff members that are chosen based upon their quality and are equipped with skills and knowledge that is more than enough to act as one of the finest caretakers for you and your health. We strive to reach the level of excellence that is required for us to serve our clients with a great amount of care, love and attention 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, here at Greatwood Assisted Living. Yes, we’re available for you 24/7 and will never let you feel as if you’re all alone. Whether you require services such as housekeeping and dining or require assistance in taking a bath, putting on a pair of fresh clothes and give yourself a killer look, our staff is going to be available to serve you with the highest quality of work at all times. While providing you with all these services, we truly respect our elders and care about their independence, here at Greatwood Assisted Living. Therefore, we provide our services in such a unique and elegant manner that takes nothing away from our guest’s independence. It is true that they never feel like a dependency upon us and that has been made only true by the fact that we truly are compassionate in serving and assisting our senior and elderly citizens and we find great pleasure and enjoyment in accomplishing what we are offering here at Greatwood Assisted Living.

With all that being said, if you’re someone that is in need of good people to look after you and make you a part of their family, you don’t have to look any further than this. Simply book your stay with us, here at Greatwood Assisted Living, whether it is for a short period of time or a longer one. Whatever the case may be, we assure you that once you have tasted what we’re going to offer, you are going to want to extent your vacation for even a longer period of time and enjoy a peaceful and fun lifestyle with us.

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Assisted Living Facilities in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living is home to some of the finest amenities that one has to offer. We provide our senior guests with a memorable lifestyle that is truly worth every single penny that our guests pay. During your stay with us, you’re going to find yourself engaging in the numerous fun engaging Assisted Living Facilities in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living that are guaranteed to make your day a whole of a lot better.

Services & Amenities

We provide some of the finest Assisted Living Facilities in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living. With your stay, you get to be a part of this community that is nothing less than a family and be amazed with the beautiful grounds we have at our place. One of the fanciest Assisted Living Facilities in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living is our grand entrance that allows for our guests to be dropped off and picked up. Parking space up to 100 parking slots is also available if you’re planning to bring your ride along with you. And if you’re a pet lover, we have our very own dog park for your amusement. Some of the more exciting Assisted Living Facilities in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living include our outdoor beauties such as the courtyards with fountains and the fireplace. Not a big fan of wanting to step outside to get warm? We provide you with another fireplace located indoors within our elegant lobby. And who is not a big foody? We have a grand dining room for the food lovers that serves some of the finest delicacies you’re going to get inside your bellies. And not just this, we have private dining rooms if you every plan on inviting your family or friends over to dinner. Do you wish to not to have a complete meal and just grab a bite? We have Bistro Café for you to go and grab a bite anytime you desire. And not just this but allow us to entertain you in our huge performance centers that can house up to 50 guests at a time. Are you someone that is not that much fond of outdoor activities and prefer to find a hobby indoors? We have a library with computer stations with Wi-Fi for you to have some quality time of your own. Some of the other Assisted Living Facilities in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living include our very own fitness center with programs tailored to your needs, beauty salon, barber shops and a spa for you to get a fresh look and have a good time, laundry rooms, gift shops and much more.

Honestly speaking, if you’re not booking a tour and availing Assisted Living Facilities in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living, you’re going to miss out on a lot. What we’ve just listed above are just a few of the fun packed and exciting facilities that we provide to our customers. And we’d really wish for you to come take a tour and allow our actions to speak for themselves.

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As saddening and heart breaking as it may be, it is a known fact that many elder and senior citizens may become victims of Alzheimer’s disease. And although there isn’t much we can do to cure this, we try our best to make our guests spend their days with us in a happy and peaceful environment. Memory Care Houston, Clayton Oaks Living is our very own program that is designed specifically for senior and elder citizens that are victims of dementia. This program is dementia ISL’s signature memory care program which is called Generations. We aim to serve our guests that are victims of dementia with the care and attention that they truly deserve.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that is, basically, a mental disorder and results in loss of memory, loss of judgement and one’s very own perspective and many other skills that are directly linked to a person’s brain and their ability to think. Whether you or someone you know are suffering from this disease, you have to look no further as you have come across the right place with the right staff. We have highly skilled and experience staff members, which are chosen not only based upon the quality of work they perform but also the quality of the behavior they maintain with our beloved elder and senior guests. The staff of Memory Care Houston, Clayton Oaks Living are not only skilled but are also compassionate when it comes to serving our guests. Memory Care Houston, Clayton Oaks Living is designed keeping in mind all the necessary details that are required to deliver the best experience for our guests. All the plans made are built respective of the person’s daily life routine, their comfort zone and making sure that there personal space is never at harm. Even though our staff is composed of experts, they are still practicing techniques to better tackle such guests in a way that does not offend them. The staff makes use of progressive techniques, verbal and nonverbal communication and memory cues to communicate with the diseased victims, here at Memory Care Houston, Clayton Oaks Living. Although the situation for our guests is truly a harsh one, and there is not much we can do about it, we have an objective, a message and a vision in our minds. We want all elderly and senior citizens to come stay with us and enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable lifestyle, pursue new opportunities and activities, enjoy the small and simple things that life has to offer and form a bond with our staff and other residents that is nothing less than that of a family.

Memory Care Houston, Clayton Oaks Living is always looking for new members to add up to our family so that we may be given the opportunity to fulfil our dream and our goal of serving and assisting the senior citizens. So book your stay with us now and become a part of something that is going to create a better tomorrow, both for you and for us.

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We respect our beloved senior citizens are always looking for folks we can offer our services to. We’re not just a business, but it is in our hearts to provide our senior citizens with love and care. Here at Senior Living Houston, Clayton Oaks Living, we welcome all our senior citizens to take a time off, book your stay with us and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful life lifestyle with us. Located near Interstate 69, Highway 59 in Richmond, we are home to some of the finest apartments for the elder citizens that are guaranteed to deliver a peaceful environment to our guests and help them make the most out of their stay with us.

With their stay with us, the senior citizens can choose between a studio bedroom or a one bedroom floor plan that are elegant and very spacious. We truly do not wish to have our guests stay in a small room all by themselves. As a matter of fact, we wish to honor our beloved senior citizens with the services we are more than willing to offer. The apartments hold attached kitchens with refrigerators and dishwashers so that our senior guests can always have a fresh snack straight from their refrigerators. Not just that, we offer many amenities to our guests. We are well aware of the fact that senior citizens find pleasure in observing art works and, therefore, have our very own arts and craft room. Not only that, we wish for our guests to stay physically fit during their stay at Senior Living Houston, Clayton Oaks Living and thus, have our very own fitness centers for our dedicated guests to go and smash a workout and feel as energetic as they can. Physically fitness is something that is going to add to your beauty, so why not compliment it with our very own beauty salons that are going to deliver an amazing makeover, barber salon for you to get a fresh cut and a spa for you to relax and have a good time. Senior Living Houston, Clayton Oaks Living offers amenities that are a must have for our seniors if they wish for a life changing experience and we really look forward to delivering what we promise. All these activities do sound fun, but let us add a little more to this. Our staff is highly skilled and is chosen based on their quality of work and their behavior with our senior guests. And it is safe to say that they take care of our senior citizens as if they are a part of their own personal family. Here at Senior Living Houston, Clayton Oaks Living, and your needs will be catered for and you will find a home with us.

We invite all our beloved senior citizens to take a tour at Senior Living Houston, Clayton Oaks Living and give us the opportunity to serve you with the lifestyle that is long due and is truly deserved.

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Are you someone who has a tight schedule and think that you can’t be there for your loved ones when they need you the most? Or are you a senior citizen needing a place to crash in that feels like a second home to you? You do not have to look any further as Assisted Living in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living is the place for you. Here at Assisted Living in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living, we provide you with the services and the quality of lifestyle like none has provided before us and we are not planning on letting anyone surpass us either.

Assisted Living in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living is the place for people that are looking to find their peace of mind and enjoy a unique and enjoyable lifestyle. With your stay here, we promise to provide you with amenities that are going to make your life much easier and enjoyable. Assisted Living in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living has a team that is highly experienced and is highly exceptional in the job they perform, giving you the attention and the care that you truly deserve and provide you with assistance in absolutely anything you can think of. We are focused on quality, and loosing that is a compromise we are never going to make. And by quality, we truly mean that our staff is not just selected based on the quality of work they perform but also on the exceptional manner in which they serve our guests. With your stay at Assisted Living in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living, you’re going to enjoy facilities such as weekly housekeeping, care plans tailored according to your personal needs and 3 delicious and mouthwatering meals a day. Not only this, our staff also assists our guests with bathing, dressing, grooming and managing medication. But it is a fact that everything comes in a balanced quantity. While there are a lot of good things awaiting your arrival at Assisted Living in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living, there can be darker times. But we value our guests and are not going to compromise on troubling you either. Therefore, we have our very own emergency systems that guarantee to get things settled before you even know it. Here at Assisted Living in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living, we also have our very fitness programs because not only do we wish to assist the senior citizens, we also want to make sure that they remain in the best shape of their life at all times. Assisted living is something that we specialize in and let us just add that we deliver what we promise.

An amazing and care free lifestyle awaits your arrival at Assisted Living in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living. So whether you’re someone wanting someone else to take good care of your loved ones while you’re occupied with something else or are someone that needs assistance and high quality of care and attention, Assisted Living in Houston, Clayton Oaks Living is the place to be. Book a visit now and we promise that you won’t leave disappointed.

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Friends and family


Holidays, social get-togethers, and really any social event can get noisy, certainly busy and frustrating with adding the consideration of someone with Alzheimer's or dementia. It can be a stressful experience for the caregiver as well as the person with the cognitive impairment, and those attending the social gathering. Everyone wants to enjoy their time with loved ones in a stress-free environment.


Social activity tips for caregivers of seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia


Keep the activities simple and to a minimum.


Seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia don't do well in places that are loud, flashy, super decorative or in dark rooms. People with dementia are easily confused, especially in an unfamiliar environment. If you're planning a social event where a loved one with a mental impairment is going to attend, do simple activities they would perhaps be familiar with and keep the decorations and ambiance quiet and subdued. If you notice your loved one becoming stressed out or confused, stop what you're doing and pull them aside for a chance to cool down or even take a quick walk and improve their spirits.


Don't argue, rather make suggestions

Anytime you're talking to a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, remember that they process conversation and information differently than others. Be sure to speak clearly and slowly and make continuous eye contact with them. Try to avoid criticizing, arguing with or correcting your loved one, as they may not understand facts and circumstances as they really are, but rather as they may remember. As the primary caregiver, be sure to communicate with others attending the social gathering any telltale signs that might indicate your loved one is getting frustrated, including becoming withdrawn, socially distant, or very loud and boisterous.


Always plan ahead.

A good idea for any event you are bringing your loved one to is to make sure and communicate with everyone else attending ahead of time, letting them know what to expect of your loved one. Some friends and family may not have seen your loved one in quite some time, so any acting out of the ordinary might come across as rude or frustrating to your friends and family. Communicating with them ahead of time will also give your friends and family a chance to process this difficult change in your loved one’s life. It's also a good idea to have everyone wear name tags, as your loved one may not remember everyone's name, and the simple task can frustrate your loved one, especially if they realize they know a person, but just can't clearly remember their name.


If your loved one is living in an assisted living community in Sugar Land like Clayton Oaks Living, the senior living communities are a great place to hold your event, as they are familiar to your loved one, and it is easier to control the environment than a new setting.

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What is independent senior living


Mom and dad are growing older, and as their adult child, you want them to have the best quality of life possible. Aging can affect everyone at a different pace. Some seniors remain healthy, active and completely mobile well into their 80s and 90s, while some experience growing disabilities with activities of daily living early in their 60s. The common goal with most every senior is to remain as independent as possible. Sometimes the hardest part about growing older is asking for help and admitting you might need some assistance from someone else, especially if it has to do with basic tasks like eating, dressing, medication reminders, and other services provided by senior living communities like an assisted living provider.


What does independent living really mean?


For quite some time, many have equated independent living with living on on your own. However, more and more research is showing that isolation, at least in part, can actually degrade one’s quality of life. Studies show that those who spend time with companions and friends, under the proper care, have a greater quality of life than those who live alone. As mom and dad get older, many things in the home can become restrictive to their daily use and will require modification. One of the key signs that a senior is needing help is how well they keep up their house and their own personal hygiene. Many times when someone has trouble admitting they need help, they will forgo asking for help at the expense of not keeping up their house their own cleanliness. For example, showering can become quite difficult as one grows old and many seniors may stop taking a shower or even trying to clean the house because it's too difficult. Aging at home may require significant and expensive modifications inside of the home, and the level of care needed may include things like regular medication reminders, frequent checkups, housekeeping, assistance with daily activities like eating, dressing, meal preparation, personal hygiene, toileting and more. All of these services are commonly provided in assisted-living communities like Clayton Oaks Living in Sugar Land. Additionally, residents are surrounded by friends and a plethora of activities and amenities to enjoy, all while receiving the level of assistance they need with a sense of dignity and independence.

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Mom and dad are getting older. That's a reality no one can argue with. Aging takes a toll on everyone, and assistance is something that your parents may not admit that they need, but need nonetheless. They may not need it at this moment but one small slip and fall or circumstance can quickly send person's health into a downward spiral. The key is to be prepared for whatever life may throw at you. As we discussed in previous articles, having a conversation when your parents are lucid and in good health, about their wishes and desires for how they like to be cared for in the event that they will need assisted living or senior care options, will alleviate much of the stress that happens in a rapidly changing circumstance or crisis. Knowing your parents’ wishes and desires for how they like to be cared for, whether not they would want to move into an assisted living community or be cared for at home, will help you make the best decision in the event mom and dad cannot make the decision or do not feel prepared to make the senior living decision for themselves.


Should you hire a professional senior caregiver?


As mom and dad age and daily activities become more and more of a chore and a burden, many families choose to hire a professional caregiver to come into their home, believing that if mom and dad stay in their current home, they will experience a better quality of life. Depending on the level of assistance needed, this might be a good option for some, however, bringing a paid caregiver into their home, may not be enough for what they need. For example, most caregivers have a basic level of services that they render, but there may be some tasks that fall outside of the services offered. So it's important to clearly understand what things the caregiver will and won't do. Some caregivers choose to go above and beyond and help with additional tasks around the house, that they aren't being paid for. But this shouldn't be expected from everyone. Additionally, some companies may send more than one caregiver to care for your parents, which usually means that they rotate throughout the scheduled visits. If you expect that all caregivers are the same, keep in mind that you may experience parts of a week where extra things are done versus other parts of the week where only the services committed are being done. Another thing to consider is whether your parents are really happy only seeing a caregiver and visiting family members a few times a week, or would they be happier being surrounded by people their age and having access to caregivers all day every day. This is where it's important to consider more options than just aging in place. There are multiple levels of assistance provided atassisted living communities and independent living retirement communities around Sugar Land and Houston. Before making your final decision, you should tour some of these places, like Clayton Oaks Living, find out the features and amenities provided, and compare the quality of life your loved one might receive in one place versus the other.

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With mom and dad getting older, you probably have considered the possibility of a transition into senior living on the horizon. If you have already begun the conversation with your loved one, taking their wishes into consideration, you are already one step ahead of the game. Helping your loved one live the life they want and the way they want will yield better interpersonal results than forcing your own opinion on them.


One of the biggest questions most family members of seniors wrestle with is whether or not to take on the role as a caregiver or choose to transition their aging senior into a Sugar Land assisted living community or other senior living options. Because your loved one may be so close to you, the natural tendency would be to want to absorb the entire responsibility. The good news is with the advancements in technology, more knowledge, and research in senior care, as well as the increased number of seniors approaching retirement, looking for assisted living and independent living, particularly in nicer communities like Sugar land, there is an abundant number of options to choose from.


Have you considered the pros and cons of becoming a caregiver?


There's no doubt that if you choose to become the caregiver for a parent or loved one who needs assisted living and assistance with activities of daily living, also referred to as ADLs, that you would do everything in your power to provide your loved one with the care they need. Caring for an adult who suffers from physical or mental impairments can prove to be a more difficult task than you realize, however. You may have good intentions of caring for your loved one, but it may not always produce the results of the quality of life they need. Becoming primary caregiver to a senior can and usually does change the dynamic of your relationship with the person you're caring for and others you're close to in your life. The person you're caring for may need assistance that can produce embarrassment and frustration, and you may not be prepared to do it. Additionally, you should be honest with yourself about the decision to become a caregiver, realizing that the time and effort required may be too much to handle given your current responsibilities. Depending on how the situation is set up, and the amount of time required can put a strain on your relationships with other loved ones and family members. It might be best, prior to making a decision, to interview and meet with other caregivers who have been through the same circumstances as you will be facing, to determine whether or not becoming a caregiver is the best route for you and your loved ones. There are several assisted living facilities and senior living communities in the Houston and Sugar Land area, like Clayton Oaks Living, that would also be a great resource to provide you information in making the best decision along your journey. The final thing you must think about, realizing that the needs of your loved one will probably increase in size and severity over time, is whether you prepared for the present as well as the future.

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